Favor is something done for another. It is granted out of goodwill, not because that person deserves it. There may be no grounds or basis for favor, remuneration or justice. Favor is beyond human understanding, it is a force that makes people take action or do things, sometimes against their will. Favor is excessive kindness.

“The LORD did not set his love upon you, nor choose you, because ye were more in number than any people; for ye were the fewest of all people” – Deut. 7:7

This scripture verse shows us that God did not choose to love us because of the qualities we have, there are others better than us. He just chose to love us! THAT is favor! (See also Psalms 130: 3, 4).

In Exodus 3: 21, 22; 11: 2, 3; 12: 35, 36, the Bible tells us that the Israelites despoiled (ASV)/spoiled (KJV) the Egyptians. Despoiled or Spoiled in this context means to plunder. Plunder is to rob of goods/valuables by open force (as in war). If God can favor the Israelites to plunder the Egyptians of their jewelry of gold and silver and their raiment, then we must know that favor is greater and stronger than any weapon of war or attack!

Favor is an invisible weapon stronger than any other physical weapon. It is a FORCE that can openly rob people. When favor is at work in your life – irrelevant of your tribe, color or gender – it is impossible for people to not give to you! The Israelites didn’t have to take any physical weapon to their Egyptian neighbours, but by the force of favor that went ahead of and with them, they succeeded in plundering Egypt after they had left!

Favor is all you need!

Let’s take a look at the story of Ruth and how she found favor, not only in the sight of God but also in the sight of men.

RUTH 2 –

Vs. 1 – Boaz was introduced

Vs. 2 – Ruth prays for grace (or favor) as she goes out to work

Vs. 3 – The force of favor pushed her to Boaz’s field. When favor is upon you, it directs your steps. It orders you to where you’ll be blessed and well-received; it drives you there – to that place! Luke 2:40 tells us that favor and the grace of God was even on Jesus.

Because favor is a force that drives and directs, we must be pliable, flexible and sensitive so that when it pushes, directs and drives us, we can easily turn towards wherever it is taking us to.

Vs. 4 – There wasn’t a particular reason why Boaz came to the field that day, all the way from Bethlehem (at least, to Boaz, there was no reason at that time); but favor drove him there so that Ruth can be favored by him.

Favor drives you to where you’ll meet people that you NEED to meet!

Vs. 5 – Boaz picked out Ruth amongst all the damsels on the field.

Favor singles you out!

I pray for you today,

  • People will come from north, east, west and south to pick you; you and only you!
  • As a result of the favor of God, your request will be granted you in Jesus’ name.
  • This month, God will encompass you with favor in Jesus’ name (Psa. 5:12)
  • You will experience unprecedented results in Jesus’ name!
  • Favor will bring for you, amazing successes and accomplishments in Jesus’ name!
  • The kind of favor that will make you not go empty-handed in your job, career, business, marriage etc., God will give to you in Jesus’ name! AMEN

Watch out for the continuation of this sermon! Remain blessed!

To be continued…


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