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Let us remind ourselves one more time what FAVOUR really means:

  • Favor is something granted out of goodwill.

Gen. 6:1-8. Noah found grace in the eyes of God. There was no yardstick/criterion/basis for the favor Noah found in God’s eyes; after all, he was also a man made by God and at that time God was grieved that He had created man! He had decided to wipe man and animals off the face of the earth.

“But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.– vs. 8. This favor that Noah found covered all his wives, sons and sons’ wives – they were all saved from the flood! Noah enjoyed the goodwill of God; others were dying, but he was alive. What was killing his neighbours didn’t kill him.

  • Favor is an act of kindness.

II Sam. 9:1-13. David, for Jonathan’s sake, decided to bless someone from Saul’s house. This kind gesture by David upgraded Mephibosheth’s location and position. He went from being wretched to seating at the king’s table and inheriting his grandfather’s lands.

  • Favor is a state of being approved or held in high regard.

I Sam. 16: 1-11. Usually, a new king must not be anointed or appointed while another is still on the throne; it is an act of treason (hence Samuel’s reluctance in vs. 2). But God had already chosen David. The last son of Jesse was to be anointed as king, and there would be no sitting down until he came! (vs. 11)

On David’s arrival from his sheep-keeping, God told Samuel “… Arise, anoint him: for this is he.”

David was already approved, even before he was seen!

  • Favor can be unfair and partial.

Acts 9: 1, 11-15. In that same chapter, the same man that persecuted Christians was declared a chosen vessel by God; he was even to go before kings!

Saul received the kind of favor that men would call unfair and partial from God. Not only was his name changed to Paul; a murderer who made it his business to kill God’s own children was chosen by God Himself to bear His name before the Gentiles, kings and the children of Israel!

  • Favor is preferential treatment.

Joseph had been specially treated since his childhood. This preferential treatment continued even in Potiphar’s house; even though he was a servant, he became the overseer of Potiphar’s house (Gen. 39: 1-4). Even in prison, he found favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison – so much that he was made responsible for all the prisoners! (Gen. 39: 20-23)

This favor carried him to the Pharaoh’s palace in Gen. 41:14; because he could interpret Pharaoh’s dream, he found more favor and was ruler of all Egypt!

Let me say here that, THE REWARD OF GOOD AND HARD WORK IS MORE WORK! Follow Joseph’s example today and do whatever work that is put before you with zeal, for it opens doors to more favor and grace!

God’s favor was tremendously upon Joseph, David, Paul, Noah and Mephibosheth; and this same favor can also be on you because ANYONE WHO IS A CHILD OF GOD IS A CANDIDATE FOR FAVOUR!

Let us pray,

  • You will enjoy God’s goodwill in all spheres of your life
  • Whatever is killing your neighbours or people around you will not kill you in Jesus’ name
  • It takes an established person (like David) to establish another (like Mephibosheth). God’s favor will establish you in Jesus’ name
  • It doesn’t matter if people like or think you’re not good-looking enough, God will position you to be blessed even by your adversaries in Jesus’ name
  • Even when others see you as unqualified, God will favor you in Jesus’ name
  • The place where your location and position will be upgraded, you will begin to be remembered from today in Jesus’ name
  • Upon your arrival to any office where you seek approval, you shall find favor in Jesus’ name
  • The God that changed Saul to Paul will change your destiny for the better in Jesus’ name