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Favor can be unfair and partial. When God favors a man, He can be partial about it, and other men can see it as unfair! God can favor a man and people will say “we know for sure that he doesn’t deserve it!”

A perfect example of unfair and partial favor can be seen in the life of Solomon. Let us follow his story for a little bit:

In II Sam. 3:1-5; 5:13-16 and I Chron. 3:1-3, accounts were given of David’s sons. In all, David had about 19 sons. Solomon was his 10th son and Bathsheba’s 4th.

All of David’s wives, he acquired properly except for Bathsheba whom he lusted after, committed adultery with and killed her husband to cover his previous sin. (See II Sam. 11). By the Old Testament laws, King David and Bathsheba should have been condemned to death, but somehow they escaped that penalty – seemed like God had plans for the seed of David that would still come from Bathsheba’s womb. Eventually Bathsheba gave birth to Solomon.

Solomon was product of a union (between David and Bathsheba) that was unrighteous; a union whose path was full of hideous crimes – adultery, deceit and murder! YET, God chose Solomon to succeed his father, the King! God chose to favor Solomon out of all the 19 sons of David; now that is what most people would consider unfair and partial!

Considering statistics and circumstances, Solomon was not qualified to become king, but God chose him still!

This just teaches us that favor is not about what you have done right or wrong; it is about God’s choice!

Taking a look back at the life of David also, when God wanted to appoint the next king – the one that would take over from Saul – God sent Samuel to Jesse’s house. Before Samuel laid his eyes on David, God had already chosen him, He had already approved of him. When a man is favored by God, he is being put in a state of approval and high honor/regard. Samuel said he would not sit until he he’d seen David – see I Sam. 16:1, 11

When God has chosen to favor you, whether people will consider it unfair, partial, biased or prejudiced, the crown of honor and approval will be placed on your head everywhere you go!

I declare and pray for you this week,

  • Anywhere your name is mentioned, even without seeing you, it will be for good and for approval in Jesus’ name
  • Because of God’s favor, your past will not kill your future in Jesus’ name
  • They ugly records that men have against you will not stop God’s work in your life in Jesus’ name
  • No matter how many people cry “foul”, God will still choose to favor you in Jesus’ name
  • It is true that you made those mistakes, but the God who overlooked the history of Solomon’s past will bring you a brighter and favorable future in Jesus’ name
  • Every accusations against you are dropped in Jesus’ name
  • Everything that the devil is using against you so that you will not arrive at your destination is destroyed in Jesus’ name
  • The grace, power, hand and favor of God will begin to work in your favor in Jesus’ name
  • That next level is yours in Jesus’ name
  • The authorities that need to speak in your favor so that you can achieve your goals and heart’s desires will begin to rise and speak for you in Jesus’ name!

May God bless and favor you this week!

To be continued…


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