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In the world of politics, presidential pardons have been (and will still be) granted to criminals, these pardons provides for all charges against them to be dropped. All records of criminal acts of the offender are wiped clean and the person can start a new atrocity-free life – this is because the office of the president has decided to grant him that favor. If a person whose position in power is temporary can grant such pardon/favor, how much more God whose power position is permanent and eternal!

Let us continue with the story of Ruth:

Last week, we saw how Ruth prayed for favor as she was about to go out in vs. 2 of Ruth chapter 2. Even though she was going out to pick the left-over grains, she still hoped to find favor! This teaches us that we must not fail to ask for favor for even the smallest things!

Moving on from where we stopped,

In vss. 6 and 7, Ruth’s story was related to Boaz

In vs. 8, Boaz tells Ruth not to go to another field to glean. This means that whenever she came to Boaz’s field, her place on the field was secured just like the other maidens.

Favor gives you access to all kinds of securities – job security, financial security, food security, etc.

In vs. 9a, Boaz instructs her to observe the fields that the reapers are on and that she should go after them. She went from picking to reaping. Favor gives you access to divine upliftment.

Favor takes you another step up the ladder.

In vs. 9b, Boaz said “have I not charged the young men that they shall not touch thee?” It was simply favor that made Boaz see to it that Ruth was not touched!

With favor, there is divine protection!

In the last part of vs. 9, Boaz tells her that whenever she was thirty, she could drink of the water that the young men had already fetched.

Even after all introductions had been made in vss. 10-13, in vs. 14 Boaz invites her over at meal-time. Ruth was provided food and water.

Favor provides! Divine provision is assured when favor is involved.

In vss. 15 and 16, Boaz set in motion a deliberate plan that will make sure Ruth would be continually provided for; a plan that did not involve reproach or rebuke.

Favor removes reproach from your life and drives people to make deliberate moves that will bless you!

When Ruth returned to the city that day with her abundant load of barley, Naomi had to bless the man who had noticed her.

I pray for you today,

  • The same God that remembered Esther, Ruth and Joseph in His goodwill will grant you favor in Jesus’ name
  • Those who have been mocking you will see God make you in Jesus’ name
  • May God envelope you with favor that will attract you to people that will bless you in Jesus’ name
  • The kind of kindness you’ll begin to experience from today, they will be the kind you have never seen before in Jesus’ name
  • When you go out, somebody will notice you for blessing and be deliberately kind to you in the name of Jesus!

Be blessed. Be favored.

To be continued…


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