II Tim. 1:7

For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

You cannot embrace what God has not given you. God did not give you fear, He gave you power, love, self-control and a sound mind.

Phil. 1: 28

And in nothing terrified by your adversaries: which is to them an evident token of perdition, but to you of salvation, and that of God.

It does not matter the size, height or the words coming out of the mouths of your adversaries, God has not given you the spirit of fear!

In I Sam. 17, David was confronted by Goliath. Goliath’s size was enough to frighten David, so was the weight of his weapons and the harassment directed by him to the Israelites over several days; but David believed that the God who gave him victory over a lion and a bear was with him. This made David unafraid and unflinching despite his young age and Goliath’s continuous mockery.

Do not be moved. Paul said in Acts 20: 24, But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear to myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God.


Nothing works against a believer.

Rom. 8: 28. If it looks like something is working against you, it only means that God is working behind the scenes. ALL THINGS work together for our good – it means that both the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly are being used by God to work together for our good, because we love Him and we work according to His purpose!

Joseph was born during his father’s old age, his brothers hated and envied him – that was an ugly and hostile atmosphere especially for a young man growing up; however, all of that was put by God so that Joseph could arrive at his destiny.

I prophesy today that everything meant for your evil, God is turning it around for your good. Anything directed at you making you sad and sorrowful, God is using it to rewrite your story from today in Jesus’ name.

Continuing in the story of Joseph, his same brothers mocked him as a dreamer, attempted to murder him, put him in a pit where there was not water, sold him out to slavery – all of that, even though negative, ugly and bad, were still God working things out in his favor so that what He showed Joseph would come to pass!

His tribulations continued in Egypt even in Potiphar’s house where he was the masters of slaves and was later woven into a conspiracy of lies and deceit by his master’s wife – an offense punishable by death. But because God still had plans for Joseph, He didn’t let him be sentenced to death.

Listen to me, it does not matter what you have gone or are going through, if it did not kill you, it is because God has a plan for you! So do not give up, open up yourself instead to God!

In the prison, we know how Joseph’s story continued and how he was forgotten by the butler for two solid years – all of this was still ALL THINGS working together for his good.

People that you have helped and have not remembered you for good might be happening for a reason. Joseph could have been remembered by the butler immediately he got out of prison, he could have mentioned him to Pharaoh and Joseph could have been sent back to his family or remained in Egypt but out of prison – but his destiny could have been aborted!

Somebody may have forgotten you – do not get angry or hurt, let God work things out in His own time.

His own time makes everything beautiful!

Two years after Joseph was forgotten, a crisis arose in the palace which brought Joseph to remembrance. Pharaoh told him he’d heard he could interpret dreams, but Joseph said only God could give the interpretation and answer of peace (Gen. 41: 16)

This is to sound a warning to us! Never assume the position of God, do not take the place or glory of God for yourself. If God is using you, never assume it is by your wisdom – always return the glory to God.

Whatever you have done to anybody, it is because God gave you the power and riches to do so. Don’t let God become angry when you begin to take the glory that He has given to you.

Joseph was enthroned as the second in command to Pharaoh from that day, and the dream he had when he was seventeen years old came to pass when he was thirty – a full 13 years after!

Nothing is against you, everything working against and around you now is working in your favor if you allow God to do what He wants to do! All things work together for those who love God!


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