The Power of Two


“When 2 are joined together, there is oneness not sameness.” – David Olatona

Genesis 2: 20-24; Deut. 32:30

This blog is directed at couples, and it’s about letting you all know the benefits of being in unity with your spouse. There’s a Yoruba adage that translates in English to “you cannot do everything alone!”


BENEFIT OF ONENESS: A couple in unity enjoy… unity! They agree together in their goals, visions etc. for their relationship and lives. They are of one accord, one love, one mind… there is oneness! (see Phil. 2:1-3). Fellowship, friendship or relationship cannot work unless there is oneness. God sees a couple, man and wife, as one. If you take decisions and/or action without your partner’s consent, you are heading towards dividing the house, AND a house divided against itself cannot stand.

BENEFIT OF BETTERNESS: Eccl. 4:9-12. Marriage is supposed to bring out the better part of you. If a marriage does not make you better, it is failing in its duty and is not working. When two unite, every aspect of their lives is supposed to become better – financial, spiritual, career aspects, etc. After a few years in marriage, there must be a clear example that things have changed in an upward trend. The labor of two produces better than the labor of one.

BENEFIT OF UPLIFTMENT: Eccl. 4:10. In a united marriage, when one partner or even both partners fail/fall, they help each other get up. They look out for each other and got each other’s backs. As two who have become one, you must not watch your partner fall and mock/laugh at him – that is bringing disharmony into the home.

BENEFIT OF COMPANIONSHIP: Eccl. 4:11. Two keeps each other warm… NOT hot, NOT cold; WARM! Even though companionship can come in diverse ways, sex is an essential substance in marriage. The temperature in your marriage must be warm. Your partner must not depend on hot coffee or cold blanket. “Hot” you + “cold” partner = warm and favorable marriage climate.

BENEFIT OF STRENGTH: Two can stand together to withstand/resist storms and temptations that may come their way. See Matthew 18:19 too, God respects the fellowship of two. Together you are strong, even the devil will be afraid of you, of your accord!

I know I am convinced that unity is essential in any marriage because of its many benefits… question is, are you? While you’re pondering that, see what Eccl. 4:9 says again “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor.” When you’re in one accord with your partner, you are not doing him/her a favor, you’re also doing yourself a favor.

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