The Nature is Speaking

God’s Heart Today (G♥️T)

A Daily Devotional with David Olatona



Main Text
Psalms 19:1-6

Day unto day utters speech, And night unto night reveals knowledge.
Psalms 19:2 (NKJV)

David says that the heavens “utters” this message, and they display this knowledge that God is glorious. David is telling us that the world around and above us is the media by which God is speaking to mankind and speaking very forcefully. He is not whispering or hinting to people on this planet that He is glorious. God’s media declare and proclaim this message clearly, “God’s own hands made this world and He is glorious” (Psalms 93:1).

The day and the night are telling of God’s glory. God declares His presence every day and every night. His creation never ceases to declare God’s presence. This is an understand of the constant and continued succession of day and night, which shows that God possess infinite knowledge and wisdom. This brings a new addition of knowledge to men, the continual declaration of the glory of God, and of the knowledge of God made by the heavens and the firmament. (Psalms 145:5)

The knowledge and wisdom of God that is proclaimed in the continual show of day and night must be understood from the constancy of the Gospel ministry, and the continuance of the evangelic revelation. The apostles of Christ persevered in their work, and labored in the word and doctrine night and day. They were instant in season and out of season. And though they are dead, the Gospel continues, and will do as long as day and night remain. We are to follow the example of the apostles in diffusing the knowledge of Christ in our personal and evangelical walk with the Lord everywhere we find ourselves.
(2 Timothy 4:2)

My life will become sensitive to you always, my God, as you speak on daily basis through the works of your hand.

Oh Lord, give me a seeing eye and listening hear to perceive what you are saying in nature each day and each time. Amen.

Additional Reading
Genesis 1:14-18
Job 31:26.