The Forbidden Fear

The fears that men feel due to their difficult situations or an adversary is the forbidden fear.

Phil. 1: 28. For whatever reason, you must not be terrified of your adversaries or situation, because that would be a sign to adversaries.

Acts 20: 23, 24. You must not let accidents, imprisonment, affliction, terror threats, flight, alarm, dread, banditry, kidnapping etc. make you fearful and become useless like a vegetable.

The Forbidden Fear must be condemned. It is the wrong kind of fear and is synonymous with dread, alarm, fright, terror, apprehension, anxiety, perplexity and distrust.

We must trade it for faith! The forbidden fear is cast out in love. There is no fear in love because fear involves punishment.

Psa. 91: 5, Luke 12: 32; I John 4: 18

God has not given us the spirit of fear. II Tim. 1: 7. Whatever makes you afraid is not of or from God.

Areas Where Men Fear

  1. This fear has made many to not attempt to do anything. That you fail does not mean that you are failure. The greatest failure is not trying and failing, it is not trying at all. There is no one today who is a success but didn’t fail yesterday.
  2. Unknown Future. Many don’t take steps because they are afraid of the future. As believers, we know who runs our future – Jesus runs and holds our future, therefore there is nothing to fear when it comes to our future.
  3. Just like children are afraid of the dark, an unbelievable amount of people are afraid of the truth. Often than not, what truth does is put you or the one you love in a bad light – truth pushes us to admit when we are wrong and demands changes; and this is same reason why many are afraid of it is THE reason to not be afraid of it! John 8: 32 – only the truth will set you free, embrace it!
  4. When you are afraid of responsibilities you will not do what you’re supposed to do to possess what is yours and occupy your place, position and purpose on the face of the earth. Matt. 25: 25 – when you’re afraid of your responsibility, you will not use your talent to reproduce. Deut. 1: 22-46 – another example is seen in Israel when they could not possess the land because of fear of taking responsibility.
  5. With His angels having charge over you, there is no reason to be afraid of insecurity.

3 other major things that men are afraid of are what others will say, what others will think and what others will do.

People will always think, say and do no matter what you do or not do; there is no reason to be afraid of the sentiments of others. Luke 6: 26 – Jesus makes it clear that you will have to be a real hypocrite to be liked by everyone.

Do what you are convinced, persuaded and commanded to do by God.

The fear of rejection has led many to becoming alcoholics, addicts of different forms, stealing, cheating etc. particularly young people. Do not let peer pressure and the fear of being rejected by them push you into doing what you should not. There is only one thing to do in this situation – walk away!

Cast out every fear!

Lastly, many are afraid of death. Heb. 2: 15 – “And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.”

Jesus has saved us from the grief and fear of death, as a Christian you do not need to fear death, because you know that death here is a transition to your next home!

Glory to God!

We are grateful for the testimony we got after this sermon, kindly share so someone can learn to stop being afraid!


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