Service & Stewardship


When one serves, it means he has decided to perform duties, wait upon, assist, be of use, be worthy of reliance on and trust.

Seven Things We Receive as We Serve God – Exo. 23: 25-27

  1. He will bless our food and our water
  2. He will remove sickness from the midst of us
  3. None of us will suffer miscarriage
  4. We will not be barren
  5. We will fulfill the number of our days
  6. He will send fear and panic upon our enemies
  7. He will make our enemies turn their backs at us.

Romans 12: 1 says when we serve Him with our body, it is pleasing unto God. I Tim. 1: 12 tells us we are called and appointed to be servants.

Serving God is very important. The following scriptures will help with your meditation and understanding of the importance of stewardship and service to God:

I Cor. 15: 58 says our service to God is not wasted, neither will it bring pain. Deut. 11: 13-14 tells us serving God will make Him bring rain in its season causing us to have harvest. John 12: 26 tells us we will not only be with Him when we serve Him but His Father will also honor us. Psa. 119: 10,11 says if we serve Him, we will keep His words in and close to our hearts and it will keep us from sinning. Col. 3: 23-24 says whatever we do, we must do enthusiastically unto God and not unto men because we know there is a reward. Rom. 12: 11 says we must be diligent and fervent in our service to God, Psa. 103: 1 says we must praise Him as servants of God.

David served his generation according to God’s plan. Acts 13: 36. There is a great blessing in serving God!


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