Prophetic Utterances


In this year of DREAM COME TRUE… pray these prophetic prayers in the Spirit as often as you can:

  • I declare that in this season my life will break forth, I shall arise and shine afresh. Isa. 60: 1
  • Father this is a new day for me, I declare by faith that I shall sing new songs because of the new things You will do in my life. Psa. 40: 3
  • Father in the name of Jesus, I declare right now that every lie against me, in the physical and spiritual, frustrate them now! Frustrate the tokens of liars over my life in Jesus name so that they will not be able to fulfil their enterprise concerning my destiny! Isa. 44: 25
  • Father, in the name of Jesus, like Esther take me now to my throne of destiny!
  • Father in the name of Jesus let the anointing of glory and favour single me out amongst my equals!
  • Father in the name of Jesus, in all the months of this year 2020, every area I’ve experienced bareness, famine and dryness, I command it to give way now to new experience of fruitfulness, productivity and abundance!
  • Every form of pain or sickness/disease in my body, I command it to be uprooted in the name of Jesus. Everything that is not of God in my life, I command them removed from this moment on in Jesus’ name!
  • Every form of confusion or cloud of darkness over my life, I command them rolled away in the name of Jesus!
  • Whatever form of slavery that your people have found themselves, Lord; the same way you delivered Israel, deliver them!
  • The same way you brought water out of the rock, whatever seems impossible in front of man, Lord do for them in Jesus’ name! Bring water for them out of the rocks in their lives in Jesus’ name
  • You fed generations of people in the wilderness without setting up a kitchen, do wonders in the life of your people in Jesus’ name.
  • The same way Moses didn’t know how food came, the same way you put food in the hands and mouths of the Israelites, put miracles in the hands of your people!
  • The same way you drowned the Egyptians in the middle of the Red Sea, drown every enemy pursuing and almost reaching your people!
  • You kept your promise and took the people of Israel to the land of milk and honey, you saw to it that they got there and made them inherit lands; the promotion, goodies, favour, glory that belongs to your people, Lord give to them in Jesus’ name. Change their case from story to glory!
  • The same way Israel possessed their promised land as You had promised, let your people inherit what You have promised them in Jesus’ name.
  • Your people have obeyed You, let their rewards become visible form today in Jesus’ name. Let their joy be full!
  • Father in the name of Jesus I stop every hostility of the devil and his cohorts concerning my health, career, marriage, destiny, family today in Jesus’ name!
  • Father in the name of Jesus, I break and dismantle every evil pattern and cycle that is running in my family, destiny, life, career!
  • Father let Your mercy provoke and promote favour in my life, family and destiny. Just as you singled the youngest and last son of Jesse out and made him king and a man after Your own heart, let your favour single me out.
  • Father in the name of Jesus, let every cloud of darkness and delay in my heavens, over my atmosphere, over my life, be scattered by fire!
  • Oh God arise and bring me honey out of the rock this year!
  • Everywhere there has been no way, in the remaining part of this year, God will make a way for me! Behold, He will do a new thing; and with my eyes, I will see it!
  • Everywhere I have been mocked, thus saith the Lord – before this year is over, He will shame my enemies!
  • This year, my dreams will come true!


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