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Your testimony is not just what you have seen or experienced, it is also word of what you are expecting. You can declare your testimony even before it becomes one.

Matt. 12: 33-37 – you are known by your fruits and the words of your mouth/declaration.

You overcome by what you say with your mouth – the words can either justify or condemn you. Prov. 6: 2 says a man can be snared by the words of his mouth, meaning he can also be freed by the words of his mouth.

There are two realms to the words of your mouth – the realm of your faith and that of hope. The realm of hope has to do with the mind, the mental picture you see, while the realm of faith has to do with your heart, your revelation – where what you see in your mind has now taken root in your heart.

A lot of people do not get their requests granted because they do more of babbling than speaking in faith. The words have to take root in your heart – that is how it becomes a revelation. This can be achieved when you say it over and over, meditate on it, live it and dream it!

What becomes a revelation in your heart becomes your reality! Move that expectation from your mouth to your mind and then your heart.

In II Kings 4, we read of the story of the Shunnamite woman who was welcoming and hospitable to the man of God so much that he always stopped at her home whenever he passed by.

When the prophet found out her problem and prophesied that she would have a child, she did not believe because of the many disappointments she had faced. She eventually had the child but somewhere along the line, the child died and when she was going out to see the prophet through whom God had blessed her, her husband asked her what the problem was, but she said “It shall be well” (vs. 23). Even when she got Elisha in vs. 26 and he asked if all was well with her husband and child, she replied “It is well.”

These were words of faith and hope, she believed that even though the child was dead, he would NOT die!


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