Overcoming Through Faith

This earth we’re on is not a playground, it is a battle ground.

An overcomer is one who carries the victory; someone who succeeds in dealing with or gaining control over some problems or difficulty. An overcome is the one who conquers in a struggle or conflict, one who defeats the enemy, prevails over competition and temptation.

He is one who overwhelms his weaknesses in body and mind.

The ultimate goal of God naming us overcomers can be seen in Rev. 2: 7, 11, 17, 26, 3:5, 12, 21 – these seven verses reveal God’s plan for the overcomer – that he shall eat of the tree of life, he shall not be hurt by the second death, he shall eat of the hidden manna, he shall have power over the nations. Continuing in chapter 3, the overcomer shall be clothed in white raiment and his name shall not be blot out of the book of life, he shall be a pillar in the temple of God and he shall be granted the privilege to sit with Jesus in His throne.

God does not expect us to do nothing less or short of overcoming. In Luke 10, we see that we are given power to rule over all; and in Eph. 6: 11-17, we read about the weapons He has given us to rule and overcome!

How to Overcome Through Faith

There are 2 sides to faith – the seen and unseen, that is our belief and our action – the two must work hand in hand to show that we truly have faith in God. Faith without works is naught – we must believe and then act on that belief. Jairus did this in Mark 5 – he believed that Jesus would heal his daughter and make a difference, so he LEFT his daughter to look for Jesus. On their way to Jairus’ daughter, the woman with the issue of blood who also believed getting in contact with Jesus would stop her years of blood flow, went looking for Him until she found Him and TOUCHED Him. Jesus Himself told her, her faith had made her whole!

The lesson here is, our action must agree with our belief! We must believe and act – the devil believes but doesn’t act accordingly and this is why he isn’t saved.

Whatever you believe God can and will do for you, you must go in the direction of that belief! Even when Jairus got the report that his daughter had died, he kept going with Jesus in the direction of his house where Jesus raised his daughter from the dead.

Use your faith, do not give up – do not throw away for confidence (Heb. 10). Your faith and patience will work for you in Jesus’ name! Amen!

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