Making Your Relationship Work


Give It Your Time and Energy

Relationships can be likened to living things which can either grow or die. Our relationships can grow or flourish when we invest our time and energy in nurturing them. Anyone who wants their relationship to work must make this the priority – the investment of adequate time and effort!

There are a lot of problematic relationships out there today and it is because many have failed to recognize that it is because they have neglected the things they’re supposed to do.

Investing your time, energy and doing all you can to nurture your friendships and relationships show that you value this gift – for that is what relationships are, gifts from God for our walk in life.

It is important to see relationships this way in order to value the other person. Relationships give us someone to talk to, share experiences with, consult with, catch us when we fall, check us and set us right etc. – the right relationships do these!

Secret to Keeping Your Relationships

There are different kinds of relationships and one way to always keep them going and growing, even during the rough times, is to focus on the qualities that you love and respect in that person.

If your relationship is going to work, whether with your husband, wife, son, daughter, employer or employee, it is important to focus on the things you love and admire about them. In every relationship, there’s always something that attracted you to them and it is important to keep those special moments in mind.

Not forgetting “the reason why” helps them stay important to you.

You must also always believe that those things/qualities that attracted you from the beginning are still there in them – these are not physical attributes but characters. Being attracted to a person solely because of their physical qualities is the first wrong thing in building a relationship and, in the long run, alone cannot sustain the relationship.

Find the godly characters in a person, focus and hold on to them and your relationship will grow stronger!


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