Leadership Character


Our greatest challenge as leaders is leading ourselves first. We can’t expect to take others further than we have gone ourselves. We must travel within before we can travel without.

Many gifted leaders have stopped far short of their potentials because they were not willing to pay the price. If you try to take the fast track to leadership, you’ll only short change yourself – shortcuts never pay off in the long run.

There’s a great truth in life to be recognized – everything and anything worthwhile is uphill – everything that is attractive to you, everything beneficial to you, everything appropriate, everything you desire is uphill. This is significant because the pursuit of everything you want in life can be challenging, strenuous, exhausting and sometimes can be difficult BUT if you’re willing to pay the price, you’ll get them.

Think about it really, everything you want is on the other side of working for it – a great marriage, a scaling and thriving business, an awesome friendship, the perfect weight or skin colour, every single thing you want needs to be worked for.

This truth does not exempt leaders – leaders need to constantly work at being the perfect fit for their team, need to work on their characters, their styles, strategy, methods and even ways of motivation.


As an individual, think of a great mentor, friend, family etc. that you greatly admire and write down 5 things you admire about them. After doing this, it is important to note of that many of these things should be their attitudes, not their gifts or talents. Because at the end of the day, the things you should like in people is their ability to be tenacious, positive, expectant, joyful, loving etc.

When it comes to leadership, attitude becomes even more important. The attitude of seeing possibilities when others don’t, of encouraging others when they’re feeling defeated, and demonstrating commitment when others want to quit.

A good attitude is an extra plus in life – it makes our life and leadership better, because leadership has less to do with position than it does with disposition.

The attitude and disposition of the leader is important because it affects the thoughts and the feelings of the people they lead.

Good leaders understand that a positive attitude creates a positive atmosphere which encourages positive and productive responses from others.

Our attitude may not be the asset that makes us great leaders but without a good attitude, we’ll struggle to reach out for potential.

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