God Is Awesome In His Great Works

Main Text
Psalms 66:1-12

Say to God, “How awesome are Your works! Through the greatness of Your power Your enemies shall submit themselves to You”.
Psalms 66:3 NKJV

Awesome means fear, awe, or reverence. It is sometimes used for one person fearing another (Genesis 32:7; Daniel 1:10) or being afraid in the face of battle (Deuteronomy 20:3, 8; Judges 7:3). But a person who fears God (in the sense of wanting to avoid God’s wrath) often finds that fear morphing into respect and reverence. The difference between fear and reverence is found in the relationship that one has with God. The person who loves God and believes that God loves him or her will find that fear has been superceded by respect and reverence.

God is the focal point of our worship. When we gather together the focal point is God not what we do together with each other.
Most times we miss the focal point of turning my face and heart to the Lord in praise or worship because our focus is on things, others or ourselves. We may have fellowship with one another but we do that before God. We must praise God, because He wants us to turn our face, our heart, and our mind to Him. Fixing our eyes on God is easy to miss, and we miss it all the time, even our culture misses that too. (Psalms 103:1-3)

The subject here is to celebrate the power of God, which is sufficient and awed, to outwardly subdued the enemies of God. Let your praises be directly addressed to God, by setting the grounds of that praise, or the reasons why it is due to Him. The manifestations of God’s power and greatness, in the events which occur under His government, are sufficient to make an impact that can fill our mind with awe and reverence. So through the greatness of His power His enemies will be compelled to submit to Him because He had power to subdue them, to acknowledge His right to reign. (Exodus 15:1-3).

Father, today, we reverence and honor You, you are our God and we submit our loyalty and adoration to You.

Oh Lord, give us grace to walk in Your ways, and to revere You. Amen.

Additional Reading
Deuteronomy 33:29
Psalms 65:5



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