Fear Not

Joshua 1: 9 – Courage is the very opposite of fear and fear is eradicated by the consciousness of the Lord’s presence.

Moses who had seen God face to face, who had done many wonders including bringing water from the rock, a great man of God died and Joshua was to take his place.

As a mortal one thing that overwhelmed Joshua was the fear of failure – he had big shoes to fill. But God spoke to him in Joshua 1: 9 asking him if He had not commanded him to be strong and courageous; to not tremble or be dismayed because He was with him.

The key lesson here is fear is eradicated by the consciousness of the Lord’s presence.

Isaiah 41: 10 – God spoke to the Israelites, “do not fear for I am with you.” With God, you do not have to be afraid. He will strengthen, uphold, support His own with His righteous right hand!

The keyword here is “I am with you.”

Matt. 14 – Jesus walked on water and his disciples were afraid when they say Him. Peter, however, after heeding to Jesus’ instruction stepped out and walked on water UNTIL he lost sight of Jesus, then he lost his confidence.

Once you know that God is with you, you cannot sink. The presence of God with you eradicates the spirit of fear.

Acts 18: 9, 10. Paul in that city had so much persecution but he was commanded by God to not be afraid any longer. This means he was afraid initially, but God told him “for I am with you!”

Because God is with you, it is impossible for the enemy to attack you!

Heb. 13: 5,6 – Make sure your character is free from the love of money. Be content with what you have, because God is with you and will not forsake you or cause you to lack.

Jer. 33: 2 – God loves us with an everlasting love. He will never desert us.

Whether you feel God is with you or not with you, He IS with you – your feeling notwithstanding!

We can confidently say that the Lord is our helper!

Psa. 118: 6 – it is not only that God is with us, God is also FOR us. He’s on our side!

Rom. 8: 31. If God is for us!

Declare it every day till you know it for sure:

God is with me…

God is for me!

Based on this, you cannot be afraid. The consciousness of the Lord’s presence and His help eradicates fear!



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