GEN. 37: 1-11

Prophetic Utterances:

From today, God will begin to do miracles in your life! New things will begin to happen in your life, everywhere you turn new things will begin to happen for you!

Whatever it is you believe, from now, they will begin to happen! If you believe it, it will begin to happen in your life in Jesus’ name! No power or force will stop what you believe is possible!


Whatever does not happen on the inside cannot happen on the outside; many people do not have structures in their lives because there is nothing that represents a wireframe, sketch or architectural design. If you do not have something inside encouraging you, you will still not succeed. No man is made from the outside; every man is made from the inside, from a design. If you’re not strong on the inside, you cannot be strong on the outside. WHAT DETERMINES YOUR STRENGTH ON THE OUTSIDE IS THE GUTS YOU HAVE ON THE INSIDE – inner strength helps outer strength.

Sometimes we get into trouble by the things we say with our mouths, which should have been kept to ourselves. Sometimes it is what we say that brings more enemies into our lives, like Joseph. The dream God showed him was for him alone, it was not a dream that needed interpretation – the message was clear; but he brought envy and hatred his own way because he opened his mouth!

Everyone plotting a means to stop you from advancing, God will stop them today in Jesus’ name!

Joseph under the same roof was facing hate and love – love from his father, hate from his brothers – this would not have been so, but he exposed a dream that God meant for only him to see. Sometimes we need to learn to keep our mouths shut, and let the glory of God manifest! Everyone who wants to cut off your flow of love, today that hand is cut off in Jesus’ name.

Do not let what you go through or what people say, do or react stop you from dreaming. Joseph’s brothers reacted negatively to his dream, but it didn’t stop Joseph from dreaming! They took Joseph’s coat but they could not take his dream!


  • BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAM – Whether is working now or not, believe in it and what seems impossible will become possible! When God shows you a dream, then it’s only a matter of time before it comes to pass – believe in that dream and believe in its timing!
  • BELIEVE IN THE PROCESS OF REALIZING YOUR DREAM – It is God who determines the process, not you. The process you go through will shake you, you might even want to jump out because the pressure might become unbearable; for instance, you might be working on a job where it seems you’re the only one your boss hates, and you’re thinking of changing your job; stop to think for a minute, God might be behind that process for you to get a higher position – even Joseph was hated by brothers, by his boss, but the pressure pushed him forward! The process God makes you go through is so you can achieve your dream – you cannot lead if you do not want to be led, you cannot possess if you do not want to be possessed; you must first sacrifice and go through the fire before you become refined! Critics and pressure is good, it pushes you to come up with something new; when you’re too comfortable, you will not think of the next level. The process helps and shapens, always remember that! Also, do not compare your process with your friend’s process; everyone has a different path, even siblings born of the same parents. Joseph’s process was different from David’s process. Do not look up to men or their methods; look up to God to see you through your own process!
  • ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES – For your dream to come true, get ready to roll up your sleeves to work it out. Do not only dream, get busy too. it is not enough that you dream, it is not enough to believe in the time, neither is it only enough to believe in the process, you must believe in the HARD WORK! Eccl. 9: 10a – “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might…”

Joseph was hardworking, he was not the first slave in Potiphar’s house, but everything he was given to do, he did it very well. He was not doing the work for eye-service sake – for man, but for God, as God gave him strength to do! Col. 3: 23 – “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.”

Make up your mind to dream again today – if you think the enemy has stolen your dream, maybe by your own doing or any other means – sleep again and dream again! Believe in your dream, in its timing, its process and be ready to roll up your sleeve!

We pray for you today,

  • In fields, offices and careers where your skill is needed, you will be the chosen candidate in Jesus’ name!
  • In organisations where there are vacancies, you will occupy your own position in Jesus’ name!
  • This season will be your season! You will be among the new emerging champions in Jesus’ name!


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