Divine Lifting by God’s Favor

God’s Heart Today(G♥️T)

A daily devotional with David Olatona.



Main Text
Job 22:21-30

When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, There is lifting up; and He shall save the humble person.
Job 22:29 KJV

The text indicate the distinction that is between those who put their trust and faith in God and those who do not. In the times of trial and calamity, which has brought people down, such as we are now all over the world, the believers who trust God shall, however, find support and help from God who will be sure to preserve them. And instead of harboring a thought of despair, they shall cling to the promise that God will save the humble person through His divine favor. (Psalms 20:1-2)

The challenges of our day may be enormous, but amidst so much inflation, rising cost of living, you can still say, “When men are cast down, I am lifted up.” When you begin to feel the pressure and the economic squeeze, don’t complain; that is the time to make the Word work. Let the Word of God enlarge your vision. Refuse to see lack and want. Look beyond the horizon. Your prosperity should be born of the Word in spite of circumstances around you. Isaac prospered in the midst of harsh economic conditions (Genesis 26:12)

God is looking for those who will trust Him beyond their own human senses, understanding, and experience. He desires His people to stop trusting earthly sources for filling their longings and desires. God wants us to know and prove that He is a better refuge and strength than anyone or anything else so that others can cling to Him, turning their affections to no other, by placing their trust, confidence, security and total dependence on Him alone and be satisfied with nothing else. Believers, resting upon their God, shall be able to say, “There is lifting up.”(Romans 8:19)

Heavenly Father, let your favor rest upon you me and let my desires be granted according to your will in Jesus name. Amen.

Oh Lord by your favor keep me and my family from every storm that is raging in this season. Amen.

Additional reading
1 John 5:14-15
Psalms 20:4